A History of Preston

in Hertfordshire

Preston People

1952 - 1985  Part One

For the purposes of this article, the area researched is from Sootfield Green in the north; Hitchwood Cottages to the south; Keepers Lodge, Kings Walden Road  and Preston Hill Farm and its cottage to the west and Bunyan’s Cottage, Wain Wood and Temple Dinsley Lodge and Poynders End to the east.


The details that follow have been assembled from two main sources, notably snapshots provided by the local electoral registers for the qualifying dates of 1952 (for Ippollitts), 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1980 and 1985. However, the information from these registers is by no means complete – for example, my aunts, Florence Sugden and Annie Wray were inexplicably missing on some of these lists, though undoubtedly living in the village. If the reader finds any errors, please would contact me.














The social mix of Preston residents changed during the thirty-three between 1952 and 1985. Thirty-eight new houses were built, mainly along Butchers Lane, Church Lane and Back Lane. All of these were detached homes and many were clearly designed for more affluent homeowners.

The social balance of local residents was only slightly redressed by the construction of

six new bungalows at Templars Lane, off Chequers Lane.

From 1952 to 1985, the adult population of Preston swelled from 195 to 267. (These figures exclude the teaching staff at Princess Helena College). In 1952, there was but  a scattering of houses to the east of the village. Travelling towards Kings Walden along Church Lane after passing St Martin, only Westleigh was to be seen  until one passed the Keepers Cottage at Mayles Corner. The Wilderness and Rose Cottage stood alone on Butchers Lane. Along the east side of Back Lane, only Rosebank and Greenfields had been erected. Over the next thirty-three years, thirty-eight new, private houses mushroomed at Preston – especially to the east of the village. Many were built by Bert and Dennis Waller (Link: Waller). As a result, the social dynamic in the village changed dramatically. In contrast, only six ‘social housing’ bungalows were built at Templars Close during this time.


Three homes along Church Lane were snapped up by employees of English Electric Company which was based first at Luton and then at Stevenage. The Hollies cost £3,500 in the late 1950s.

1964 – 1969

Cheldene, Church Lane

Tudor Cottage, Back Lane

Red Roofs, Back Lane

Upsall, Back Lane

1969 – 1980

Wedelee, Church Lane

Fairways, Church Lane

Lychgate House, Church Lane

Thurlaston, Church Lane

Netherwood, Church Lane

Applegarth, The Green

St Martins Field, Chequers Lane

Slemish, Chequers Lane

1980 – 1985

Tilehouse, School Lane

School House, School Lane

Aysgarth, Church Lane

Templars Lane Nos 1-6

1952 – 1956

Casa, Back Lane

Pencroft, Butchers Lane

Bymead, Butchers Lane

Sligachan, Butchers Lane

1956 – 1959

Windrush, Back Lane

Ivajoy, Butchers Lane

Pentlands, Butchers Lane

Little Kendals, Butchers Lane

Latchetts, Butchers Lane

Lang Cliffe, Butchers Lane

The Hollies, Church Lane

Wildwood, Church Lane

St Martins House, Church Lane

Highways, Church Lane

Driftacres, The Green

Wayside, Chequers Lane

Chequers Cottage aka 25 Chequers Lane

The Spinney, Chequers Lane

Hedgerow, Chequers Lane

1959 -1964

Braemar, Back Lane

Dungarvan, Back Lane

West Green, The Green

Dinsley Field, School Lane

Sootfield Green aka Pilgrims Plot

1952 - Derek W and Elisabeth Godwin (not there in 1956)

1956 - William, Samuel and Daphne Woods-Hill

1964 - Ian S, Kathleen M and Marijke Fossett. Ian only there in 1985.


Pond Farm

1952 - Harry Geoffrey, Harry Charles and Minnie Nunn (not there in 1954)

1954 - Frank Cooper (not in 1956) with Thomas E and Joan M Dancer (Thomas and Joan not there in 1959)

1959 - Robert J and Doris E Watson (not there in 1964)

1964 - Alice L Garratty and Florence M Manger (both not there by 1969 – moved to 1 Chequers Cottages)

1969 - Ernest W, Richard and Kathleen Meyer with Olive F Pryke (Olive not there in 1980; joined by Margot E             Mayer by 1980). Ernest and Kathleen only there in 1985.
















Castle Farm

1952 - Ronald B and Eileen C Foster

           Herbert and Minnie Jenkins (not there in 1959)

1956 - Arthur and Eva L Howard (not in 1959)

1959 - John B and Hilda M Bartlett (Bartletts not there in 1969) and Arthur P and Hilary ME Dearmer

                  (The Dearmers not there in 1964)

1961 - January. Philip Howell or Hadell

1968 - April. Colin Kentish-Barnes

1969 - Ian D and Ann Clark. There in 1985.


Castle Farm - No 1 Cottage

1963 - September. Michael Brown

1964 - Michael J and Doreen Brown (not there in 1969)

1969 - Michael FJ Williams (not there in 1980)

1974 - November. John Tierney

1980 - Richard G and Janice C Small. There in 1985.


Castle Farm - No 2 Cottage

1959 - Horace S and Doreen L Jenkins (joined by Anthony J Jenkins in 1964)

1969 - Patricia A Jenkins

1985 - Mark A and Sarah-Jane Currell.


1954 – Clarice Bryan (Clarice there in 1985) with Denis C, Ethel L and Rose E Robinson (Ethel not present

                  in 1980; Denis and Rose only there in 1985) 5

           Reubin G, Joyce E and Eva T Freeman (Joined by Robin in 1959, but not there in 1969; joined by                   Peter R in 1969; Only Joyce and Eva there in 1985) 10

           John and Lorna K Friel (John not there in 1956; Lorna there in 1985) and Frederick and Alice Walker                  (not there by 1969) 6

           Kenneth E and Evelyn J Hammond (Not there in 1980) 7

           Richard and Kathleen M Jenkins (Richard not there in 1985; only Kathleen) 8

           Francis M, Leslie AE and Raymond L Mardell (Carol A Mardell also present in 1964. No Mardells

                 there in 1969) 1

           Arthur J, Reuben L, Maureen A, Maud and Alice M Palmer (Reuben and Maureen not there in 1956;                   nor were Arthur and Alice in 1959. Only Alice M Palmer present in 1980 and 1985) 4

           Herbert Sharp (Not there in 1959) 11

            Percy J and Lucy Sharp (Joined by Michael Sharp in 1964; no Sharps present in 1980) 3            

           William J, William H and Mary Woodhams (William H not there in 1964. Joined by Michael D                   Woodhams by 1969; only William J and Michael there in 1985) 9


1959 - Alec A and Sylvia Currell (Joined by Jill S, Mark A, and Rachel K Currell by 1980 No Currells there

                  by 1985) 11

1959 - April. John Friel 6

1961 - September. Reuben Palmer 12

1964 - Reuben L and Maureen A Palmer (Joined by Richard L Palmer by 1980; Richard not there in 1985, only                   Reuben and Maureen) 12

1969 - Brian W and Gilian F Woodhams (Joined by Rachel A Woodhams by 1985) 1

1980 - Rosalind C and Robert D Welch. (Both there in 1985) 7

1980 - Sidney V, Gary, Lynn, and Jessie G Christmas (Sidney and Jessie Christmas only there in 1985) 3

1984 - January. Brunton 4

1985 - Martin S, Alan D and Barbara J Ephgrave 11


The wedding of Gary Christmas and Tracey Moore at St Martin, Preston on 20 July 1985

Rachael Woodhams wins pancake race (circa 1980)

Rachael was the daughter of Brian W and Gillian Woodhams. Jill and Joseph were married in December 1980

Wayside (Location shown on right)

1958 - November. George Garner

1964 - George D and Joyce M Garner (Joined by Michael G Garner

                   in 1969; no Garners there in 1985)

1985 - Elizabeth L Upchurch

(Elizabeth Upchurch was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London, England, where she won several prizes as solo pianist and accompanist. As a music director, vocal coach and repetiteur she has worked in 21st-century and traditional opera, music theatre and theatre. As a pianist she has performed all over Europe and has been broadcast with the BBC, Norwegian Radio and the CBC.)


Sadleirs End

1951 - John and Phyllis Hadfield

1954 - Harold F and Monica P Briggs (Not there in 1964)

1964 - Philip RN and Patricia I Kerr (Joined by Gregor R, Lorna I and

           Verena P by 1980; only Philip and Patricia in 1985)      


Chequers Cottages

1952 - Elm Cottage. Henry J and Gertrude K Armstrong (Not there in 1964) Leonard T and Eileen G Newell                  (Joined by Christopher J Newell by 1964 and Margaret A and Stephen J by 1969; these three

                 were not present in 1980) 6

           Amos, Sarah and George Jeeves (Amos not there in 1954; nor Sarah in 1959; nor George by 1980) 3

            Annie Margaret Peters (Not there in 1985) 2

            Sidney and Louisa Smith (Louisa not there in 1969; nor Sidney in 1980) 4

           Florence Sugden and Annie Wray (Florence not there in 1969; nor Annie in 1980) 5

           Frank Leslie and Clarice Dent (Not there in 1959) (aka Police Cottage) 1

1964 - Mary Rutland (Not there in 1969) 1

1969 - Alice L Garratty and Florence M Manger

                 (Not there in 1985) 1

1980 - Harry and Doris Cook (Not there in 1985) 3

           Marion G Pateman (Not there in 1985) 4

           Andrew JS and Frances E Payne. (There in 1985) 5

1985 - Christopher and Susan G Raven Elm Cottage 6

           Roger D and Judith A Broughton 4

           Cyril J Hews and Daphne W Holder 3

           Hugh B Davies 1

13 and 14 Council Houses   (Link: 13/14 Chequers Lane)

1952 - Leonard C and Ada L Smith (Leonard not there in 1964;                   nor Ada by 1969) 13

           Herbert and Katie Hammond (Not there in 1954) 14

1954 - Percy and Dorothy R Bailey (joined by Agnes D Dobbs in                   1964; who was not there in 1980. Percy and Dorothy                   there in 1985) 14

1969 - John W and Susan C Woodhams (Susan not present in                   1980, but John W joined by Lynda Woodhams. No                   Woodhams there by 1985) 13

1985 - Kenneth C and Peggy A Dunning 13


15 – 24 Chequers Lane, Swedish Houses (Link: Swedish Houses)


1952 - Annie G Harper (Not there in 1954) 16

1954 - Reginald T and Violet Kimber (Joined by Regina A and Gloria J Kimber by 1969, Thomas S by 1980

                  and David by 1985. Reginald, Thomas, David and Violet there in 1985) 19

          Arthur, William, Dorothy and Elizabeth Marlow  (Dorothy not there in 1959; Lilian M Marlow there by

                    1964 - Arthur and Lilian not there in 1969) 18

          Jack and Margaret P Meadows (Joined by Ruth Meadows by 1964; who had left by 1969; Jack not

                    there in 1980, nor Margaret in 1985) 15

          William and Patricia Reid (Joined by Philip and Peter W Reid and Maureen A Lucas by 1969; only

                    Donald, William and Patricia there in 1980; only William and Patricia there in 1985) 23

           Douglas H and Winifred A Salisbury (Joined by Susan Salisbury by 1969 and Robert J by 1980;

                    Susan not there in 1985, though Douglas, Winifred and Robert still there) 21


          William Frederick and Monica Walker (Joined by Leslie F Walker by 1969. All three there in 1985.

                    Joined by Deena Hammond in 1964; but she was not there in 1969) 22

          Ernest and Violet Jenkins (Ernest not there in 1964. Violet there in 1985) 17

          Paul Edwin and Alison M Murray (Alison not there in 1959; nor Paul in 1964)) 24

          John Henry and Enid Joan Yallop (Joined by Colin by 1956; and Martin D by 1969) 16

          William A and Harriet Chalkley (Harriet not there in 1969; William not there in 1985) 20

1961 - April. Shackleford 24

1964 - Alec R and Joy B Bond (Not there in 1985) 24

          Harry Fox (Not there in 1969) 15

           Douglas J and David W Crawley (Not there in 1969) 18

1969 - Annie G Webb (Not there in 1980) 16

1980 - Lenard C and Regina A Grosvenor-Brown. (Both there in 1985) 16

           Malcolm D and Margaret A Newell (Not there in 1985) 18

1985 - Asterly J and Carol A Perry 24

          John W and Lynda ER Woodhams 20

          Guy J Ashton and Valerie Rivenell 18

          Kevin J and Anne C Cadd 15


Jacqueline and Alan married on 8 July 1985 and Ann and Kevin in August 1985.

Above, l to r: Jack and Margaret Meadows at the wedding of their son, Peter, and Lorraine Flack in the Spring of 1974

Templars Lane

1985 - Phyllis G Deller 1

          Victor E and Evelyn P Barfoot 2

          Gwladys E Harris 3

          Alec R and Jean M Bond 4

          Constance Harris 5

          Doris V Brown 6


25 Chequers Lane (aka from 1977, Chequers Cottage)

1959 – Derrick and Patricia M Seebohm (Not there in 1980)

1964 - Alison P Cvitanovich (nee Seebohm. Not there in 1969)

1977 – April. Richard Beharrell

1980 – Richard WP and Heather W Beharrell. Joined by Miles AP Beharrell by 1985.


The Spinney

1956 – Alfred LW (not there in 1959) and Gertrude M Allen not there in 1980)

1980 – John B and Elizabeth D Maude (only Elizabeth there in 1985)



1956 – Gilbert M (not there in 1959) and Hilda M Barrett (not there in 1985)

1985 – Edwin G and Ethel F Bradford



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South-west side of Chequers Lane


1980 - John Patrick. (There in 1985)

St Martins Field

1980 - Stewart and Rosemary E McConville. (The McConvilles had moved from The Laburnums, Preston Green. They were still living at St Martins Field in 1985)


Houses being constructed at Butchers Lane (left) and Back Lane

When and where the new houses were built at Preston 1952 -1985

The people of Preston 1952 - 1985

North-east side of Chequers Lane

Council Houses (for location, see Link: Chequers Lane Council Houses)

1951 - Clarice Bryan with Caroline Longley (Caroline not there in 1954) 5

          Edna Burrows Richard and Kathleen M Jenkins (Edna not there in 1954) 8

          George and Lilian Crawley (George not there in 1959; nor Lilian in 1964) 12

          Reuben G, Eva T and Joyce EM Freeman 10

          Kenneth E, Ernest W and Evelyn J Hammond 7

          Francis AE and Leslie AE Mardell 1

          Arthur J, Alice M and Maureen A Palmer 4

          Leonard C, William J and Florence E Peters (Leonard not there in 1956. William and Florence there in                 1985) 2

          Percy J, Doris LE and Lucy J L Sharp 3

          Herbert Sharp 11

          Frederick and Alice Walker 6

          William J and Mary Woodhams 9