A History of Preston

in Hertfordshire

For a detailed look at Preston in the nineteenth century, the village has been divided into nine areas. Sketch maps and photographs (if available) have been included together with information about the area, such as who lived there.


The following are the neighbourhoods and farms which are featured:



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Preston Places

The cottages of Preston

Sir Edwin Lutyens’ legacy

The Chequers

The Red Lion

Community buy out of Red Lion

Preston Green

Trees of Preston Green

Blacksmiths/Church Lane

Crunnells Green

Church/School Lane

The Wilderness

Back Lane

Chequers Lane

Poynders End/Jacks Hill

Hill End

Preston Hill Farm

Pond Farm

Temple Farm

Wain Wood and Bunyan’s Dell

Castle Farm

Home Farm, Hitchin Road

Holly Cottages, Back Lane

Sootfield Green

Kiln Wood


Offley Holes House

Swedish Houses, Chequers Lane


FTM article re: ‘lost’ village of Welei.

Straightening Preston Hill road 1819